Training on Democracy, Federalism and Peace

  • Topics:

    Moving Towards Federalism and Peace in Myanmar

  • Location:

    Hotel Maubin

  • Activity Start Date:

    31-01-2019 12:00 AM

  • Activity End Date:

    31-01-2019 11:59 PM


In line with the idea of federalism to “share power and responsibility”, the Centre for Development and Ethnic Studies (CDES) decided to take responsibility for spreading knowledge about federalism and peace in Myanmar by conducting trainings, workshops and peace forums throughout the country and by distributing its research publications at every event.

          In order to inform and engage the people of Myanmar in the country’s transition process, CDES travelled to Maubin in the Ayeyarwady Region to give a three-day training on the importance of democracy, federalism, peace and gender equality in the context of Myanmar. The training was held from 16 to 18 January at Hotel Maubin, followed by a public peace forum on 19 January. In doing so, CDES aims to provide the local participants with a full understanding of what federalism is, and how it could it help Myanmar to establish a democratic and peaceful union. A total of 33 participants from 13 different organizations and groups participated in the training and 127 people attended the peace forum.

For three full days, the participants received training and lectures, led by Dr. Moses C. Tehlo (Research Manager), Saya Yan Kyaw (Senior Lecturer) and Salai Thawng Tha Lian San (Program Manager) from CDES. For the public peace forum on the fourth day, May Kyi Kyaw Kyaw joined as a guest speaker, where she shared her expertise and views on Myanmar’s peace process, being a trainer at the Institute for Political and Civic Engagement (iPACE).

          Another three-day training was organized by CDES from 23 to 25 January at the Inle Cherry Queen Hotel in Nyaungshwe, Shan State. This training welcomed a total of 45 participants from various backgrounds, including political parties, civil society organizations (CSOs) and other religious and ethnic groups. The active participation of the participants resulted in strong and well-informed discussions and debates during the training sessions led by the senior officers and lecturers from CDES.

When the training program in Nyaungshwe was completed, the CDES team travelled to Pindaya in the Danu Self-Administered Zone, Shan State to conduct its peace forum on 26 January. In the peace forum, Salai Ngun Lian Sang (Executive Director), Saya Yan Kyaw (Senior Lecturer) and Dr. Moses C. Tehlo (Research Manager) from CDES were accompanied by U Min Lwin Oo from the Danu National Affairs Organisation (DNAO) to discuss and clarify the nature, processes, obstacles and future of the peace process in Myanmar, together with a large audience of more than 165 attendees.