Not leaving a stone unturned in the quest for democratic federal government through political dialogue and intensified awareness and consciousness campaigns, the Center for Development and Ethnic Studies team touched down Sittwe airport, July 12 for the seminar workshop on federalism and peace attended by 44 women and men leaders coming from Arakan Liberation Party, Women’s Union, and civil society organizations at the River Valley Restaurant, Function Hall, Sittwe City, Rakhine State, last July 13 -15, 2016.
           Saw Ma Pu Sein, of the Rakhine Women’s Union set the tone of the workshop with her opening remarks, while Dr. Moses C. Tehlo, the CDES Research Director and team leader duly representing the CDES Executive Director, Dr. Lian H. Sakhong, briefed the participants on the objectives of the three-day workshop. After the self-introduction of all the participants was the discussion on Federalism by Ngun Lian Sang@Asang, Project Coordinator, then on Women, Peace and security by Grace Ngun Za Tial, Office Manager, and Dr. Janelyn I. Agbayani, (PhD. in Educational Management) a visiting researcher and lecturer in Gender and Development, served as the resource speaker on Gender Equality.
          An open forum which mainly revolved on the questions related to democracy, federalism, Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement and political issues was conducted with Dr. Lian Sakhong, CDES Executive Director, and Mr. Za Ceu Lian, Senior Advisor of the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue, as the panelists concluded the three-day workshop which was moderated by Khaing Myint Khaing of the Arakan Liberation Party.

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