In support of political dialogue for peace process, Center for Development and Ethnic Studies (CDES) and the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army (DKBA) top-tier officials sat together for a three-legwork on federalism and peace last June 19-21, 2016 at Sone See Myaing, DKBA Headquarters, Karen State.
           Military big shots to mention were Gen. Saw Moses, DKBA head gave the opening discourse, and Generals Saw Shwe O Wah, Sein Myint and Ku Khok jousted and urged the participants to get the most from the workshop, while Brig. Gen Sa Tee, DKBA Chief of Staff concluded the workshop with his closing remarks stressing on the issues of demarcation of troops and trust building to ensure everlasting peace and resolving Myanmar’s ethnic conflict through federalism in Myanmar.
          Likewise, Salai Ngun Lian Sang, CDES Project Coordinator lectured the participants, including some members of UPC, UPJDC, and a JMC member, on Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement, the Peace Process and the importance of Upper House and State Constitutions in federal reforms and Dr. Moses C. Tehlo, CDES Research Director, explained on principles of democracy, federalism, decentralization, power sharing between the Union Government and state governments as well as the importance of gender equality in the peace process and political dialogue.

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