To contribute in creating a better and clearer understanding on the peaceful transition the country is into, the Center for Development and Ethnic Studies organized a Peace forum – the first ever in a series. This forum took place at the Carson Hall, Hakha in Chin State, launched May 28, 2016, and gathering around eighty participants from political parties, academicians, activists, youth, media persons, and religious leaders.
           Present in the forum were dignitaries comprised of Pu Sunny Thang Cung, Attorney General of Chin State Government who delivered the opening remarks; Pu Ral Hnin Chin National Front Liaison Officer of Thatla, who also inspired the audience in his talk. Pu Za Ceu Lian, the Senior Project Advisor of the Humanitarian Dialogue who served as the Keynote Speaker gave the participants an Overview of the Current Status of the Peace Process.
          During the forum, panel members who dealt with the topics on “How Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), political parties, and women groups could support the political dialogue”, were Pu Thang Yen of CNF, James Ngun Hre of Karuna Myanmar Social Services (KMSS), Pu Van Chan Ceu of a Political Party and Grace Tial of CDES, respectively.
          On the other hand, panelists on “How the Academicians, Youth sector and Social Media could support the Political Dialogue and Peace process “ were Dr. Siang Kung, of the Chin Christian University (CCU), Ms. Anna Biak Tha Mawi and Salai Mang Hre Lian. Interactions cropping up in the forum were assertions of the people like “Peace building is a responsibility of the government, military, EAO’s and political leaders.” “We have no peace ownership at all”. However, after a question and answer session, one of the participants expressed, “This peace forum opened our eyes to truths and realties of our country and we now feel all the more that each and everyone must support the peace building process in this country and there is a need for more forums like this”. Thence, the imperative for CDES to conduct series of peace forums in the different states and regions of Myanmar. Dr. Hla Aung facilitated the forum while Dr. Moses C. Tehlo of CDES briefed the participants on the objectives of this first ever CDES conducted peace forum.

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