The Center for Development and Ethnic Studies team conducted a five day seminar - workshop on May 2-6, 2016 for the New Mon State Party, one of the non-signatories among EAO’s of the National Ceasefire Agreement. Comprehensive discussions on Democracy, Federalism, the Peace Process and Civil- Military Relationships was delivered by Daw Khin Ma Ma Myo, Founder and Executive Director of Myanmar Institute of Peace and Security Studies (MIPPS).
           Meanwhile, Dr. Moses C. Tehlo, CDES Research Director presented the Federal Union and Ms. Grace Ngun Za Tial lectured on Women Inclusion in the Peace Process. Participants in the said training expressed their increased level of awareness and interest on democracy, federalism, peace and civil-military relations and clamor for more of this kind of workshop. Same participants received books on democracy published by CDES translated into Mon language. Noteworthy is the strong conviction and support of the leaders and civil society representatives of New Mon State Party to political dialogue in resolving Myanmar’s conflict.

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