Reaching out to all states of the country, CDES conducted another Seminar-Workshop on Federalism and Peacebuilding in Myanmar mainly for the Pa-Oo National Liberation Organization (PNLO), civil society organizations and political parties from the states of ThaHtone, Mon, Karen and Shan last May 8-10, 2016.
           Col. Khun Okkar (PNLO) expounded on the historical background of democracy and federal movement in Myanmar, the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) and the political dialogue and peace process in the context of federal reforms, while Ms. Nang Nwe Nwe emphasized on the importance of women participation in peace, democratization and federal union movement in the federal reforms respectively.
          Dr. Moses C. Tehlo, the CDES Research Director explained about the relations of peace, democracy, federalism and ethnic issues in Myanmar. The participants claim this was the first ever federal workshop held in ThaHtone and apparently created an avenue for them to raise the questions on how federalism, decentralization could solve the current peace problem in the country, as well as the relations between the Union Peace Conference and the 21st Century Panglong Conference, how the non-signatories to the NCA could join, and finally how the Federal union could be established in the country. Consequently, the participants voiced their need for more trainings like covering the whole Pa-O people and their desire to have a copy of the CDES published books on democracy and federalism translated in their Pa-Oo language too.

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