A stride for a sustainable peace process marks the 3rd Review Meeting of the Coordination Team of NCA signatories and the first time ever that the Delegation for Political Negotiation (DPN) sat with them for the review of the ‘Framework for Political Dialogue’ enshrined in the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement. This is like the “Bible for Peace” according to Padoh Kwe Htoo Win in his opening remarks last August 12, 2016 at a committee meeting at the National Reconciliation and Peace Centre (NRPC) attended by 19 delegates from the Peace Commission, UPDJC, and the Preparation Committee for the Union Peace Conference / 21st Century Panglong. A total of fifteen Ethnic Armed Organisations (EAOs) were represented; ABSDF, ALP, ANC, CNF, DKBA, KNU, KNU-KNLA-PC, KNPP, LDU, NDAA, NMSP, PNLO, RCSS, SSPP and WNO.
Speeches of personalities during the opening program manifest the ardent wanting for peace.
In particular, Dr. Tin Myo Win, Chair or Peace Commission utterly expressed that “The people of this country and the international community have a great expectations on the 21st Panglong Conference as it is the gateway to further steps. We are the ones to implement peace and it in a Buddhist way, in Love. With love and generosity, we will proceed till peace is achieved.”
Moreover, Lt. Gen. Yar Pyaeh, Chair of the Preparation Committee for the 21st Panglong remarkably stated, “All the people in this country are willing to solve this conflict with political means, not with military means.” “We must do it in accordance with the NCA. We need to negotiate and all the process must be based on the NCA. NCA is the only way to Peace.”
Meanwhile, Khu Oo Reh of the Dialogue for Political Negotiation (DPN) stressed the Seven steps of the Roadmap to Peace as stipulated in the NCA, thus his emphatic reiteration that the Framework cannot be finished by having just one or two meetings if we are to stick with the principle of all-inclusiveness. “Without all-inclusiveness, we cannot reach true peace, especially for DPN, we are having too little time to get ready, however, we see this meeting as a good start”, he said.
All official proceedings in the said meeting were intact as the Center for Development and Ethnic Studies Executive Director, Dr. Lian H. Sakhong himself was the Secretary of the Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC).

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