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Strengthening Civic Engagement for a Democratic and Peaceful Myanmar

With the vision of establishing a democratic federal union that ensures democracy, national equality and internal self-determination, the Centre for Development and Ethnic Studies (CDES) conducted a three-day training on democracy, federalism and peace in both Myeik, Tanintharyi Region and Gangaw, Magway Region. The aim of the trainings is to strengthen the knowledge and capacity of local civil society organisations and their communities to enable them to actively participate in the current transition process and to contribute positively to a peaceful and democratic Myanmar. In Myeik, CDES trained a total of 49 participants from 7 to 9 February at the Green Eyes Hotel. Highly passionate lecturers with strong political knowledge, Dr. Moses C. Tehlo, Mr. Thawng Tha Lian and Mr. Yan Kyaw provided the participants with engaging and interactive lectures.

            In Gangaw, CDES conducted its training from 20 to 22 February at the Yaw Hotel for a group of 36 participants. As CDES is convinced that women’s participation in the peace process is crucial for building a lasting and sustainable peace, CDES always ensures that at least 30% of the participants in its trainings are women. However, for its training in Gangaw, CDES even succeeded in having more female participants than male participants, which could indicate that women’s participation in Magway Region is higher than in other regions.

    Following the training, a peace forum was held in Myeik to strengthen Myanmar’s peace process by providing a public venue for open and inclusive dialogues and debates. The forum was attended by 60 participans from various backgrounds, including government officials from Tanintharyi Region. CDES will continue to facilitate discussions, debates and dialogues to inform and engage the people of Myanmar in the peace process and to establish common visions among them in order to strengthen the country’s transition towards peace and democracy.