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A Milestone in Pursuit of Peace

Author: CDES
Publish Date: 14 Aug, 2017
Category: Books

Book Review

Ceaseless pursuit of peace started with a single step braving the untrodden and unpaved ways. Through strong will and determination, men and women of Myanmar when hold hands together, they can move forward and build the bricks for peace as guided always by the blueprint enshrined in 1947 Panglong constitutional principles of equality, justice and truth through democratic federal system of government.

Dove is known as the peace symbol for humanity which every man and woman, past, present and future generations, always seek; not as an ultimate destination but a lifetime journey depicted by the footsteps. Sustainable peace is not only an everyday struggle, but it is also an everyday enjoyment of love and fellowship among all peoples, ethnic groups and governments on earth – and in this country Myanmar. This is the highest aspiration and the deepest seeking of everyone which undeniably the Center for Development and Ethnic Studies is also advancing for its realization, like any other peace maker does.

Epochs after epochs, the peace process continues with the stalwart, strong-willed and steadfast unsung heroes of yesterday, today and tomorrow – everyone who has the stamina, spirit and service to join the journey, trod the trail and leave a legacy of –

Songs of enduring peace and psalms of life.

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