Workshop on Federalism and Peace

  • Topics:

    CDES draws a grateful youth leader to tears for Federalism and Peace Workshop in Pyay, Bago Region.

  • Location:

    Bago Region

  • Activity Start Date:

    26-10-2016 09:00 AM

  • Activity End Date:

    28-10-2016 05:00 PM


"As a youth, I’m aware of the news that unending conflicts bring much suffering to people, and I cannot help but become more deeply eager on how could I help to promote participate and build peace. And feel so grateful that we have this workshop to learn from a lot," thus speaks lady student Khaing Zar Linn of Pyay Technological University one of the 48 (19 female, 29 male) participants to the Federalism and Peace Workshop organized by the Center for Development and Ethnic Studies to kick off today till 28 October, 2016 at Mingarlar Garden, Pyay, Bago Region.

           Said workshop attended by youth, women, students, activists, political party and civil society organizations and leaders is the first of its kind to be conducted in the said region which paved CDES to cater the direly needed information to the very eager audience as expressed in their expectations during the opening program.

          "We feel great being part of this workshop and grateful to CDES because we are wanting to know more clearly and deeply the federalism model that perfectly fits Myanmar because we are aware it failed in the past but for now it is giving us more reasons to hope to have the structure that can create peace, equality and development to the country which everyone longs for. After the Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong, we need to know how will federalism work and how can we promote and participate in the peace process." This highlight the remarks of the attendants to the said workshop.

          CDES, led by its Executive Manager, Dr. Lian H. Sakhong duly represented by the team composed of Salai Asang, Project Coordinator, Grace Ngun Za Tial, Office Manager, Dr. Moses C. Tehlo, Research Director, Dr. Janelyn I. Agbayani, Peace and Gender Advocate, Dar Chin Sung, Publication Manager and Denise Lavaari, Human Rights Advocate in turn feels elated of such a warm welcome and willingly offers it best to quench the thirst of the audience to learn as it painstakingly performs and fulfil its mission in promoting peace and reconciliation.