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A Chapter of CDES in Pursuit of Peace

CDES in Chin State

In collaboration with Hakha College (HC) and Chin Christian University (CCU), CDES successfully organized two seminars in Chin State on the topic, “Understanding the Peace Process in Myanmar”. The events took place at Hakha College on 31 July 2018 and Chin Christian University on 3 August 2018 respectively. Including the Principal, Tutors and Deans of Faculties, more than 400 students in total from the two universities jointed the programs. CDES anticipate and suppose that the events are productive for students, lecturers and staffs of the universities. Salai Ngun Lian Sang (Executive Director of CDES) and Thawng Tha Lian (Program Development Officer) led the courses.

The seminar made the participants update on the challenges and success of the ongoing peace process in Myanmar and the significance of bringing sustainable peace to the country. The events also explored about the background of the federal movement in Myanmar, the relationship between federalism and the peace process, the principles of federalism such as self-rule and shared-rule, equality, secular states and division of power between the union government and the state governments, etc.


Saturday School of Federalism (SSF) in progress 

The CDES long-time objective is to establish a learning center for democracy, federalism and peacebuilding which will contribute not only the peace process but also nation-building based on principles of democracy and federalism. To reach its long-term objective, CDES established Saturday School as a fundamental foundation.

SSF program primarily focuses to youths who need a space for learning and developing their interest in ideas and knowledge around federalism. The program takes place on Saturdays as interested individuals can participate without burdens from their work or university. The course is extended over four consecutive Saturdays, with a total of 36 hours for the completion of the program. The sessions take place every Saturday with lectures on principles of Democracy, Federalism and Peace-building, given either by us or guest speakers on certain occasion from our network. It primarily focuses university students of Political Science and Law Departments, staff members of NGOs and advocates of current peace process in order to update their knowledge on federalism and the establishment of Democratic Federal Union of Myanmar. More than 300 individual has been certified from 1st batch to 10th batch (from June 2017 - August 2018).


The Church and Peacebuilding in Chin State - Click here to access

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