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The Centre for Development and Ethnic Studies (CDES) is an independent think tank and study centre founded in 2012 to generate ideas on democracy, human rights and federalism as an effective vehicle for “Peace and...

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As human beings, we have to do the right thing and we have to try to contribute something to our humanity, serve other people as much as we can.

Dr. Lian H. Sakhong

Analysis Papers

Peace Process: Government should Reform and Reshuffle its Committees

The lack of meaningful progress in terms of substance in Myanmar’s peace process is partly due to the government. If the government still commits to achieving its objective of adopting federal and democratic principles with other stakeholders in the political dialogue through the 21st Century Panglong Conference before the general elections in 2020, it must thoroughly review its own peace-related committees – the National Reconciliation and Peace Center (NRPC) and Peace Commission (PC) in particular – and implement necessary reforms. Once reformed, the committees must have sufficient resources, especially in the field of human resources. When we observe the actual operations of the government’s peace teams since they came to power in 2016, there are two major problem areas that need to be reformed. The first problem is the non-inclusion of...

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ၿငိမ္းခ်မ္းေရး ေကာ္မရွင္ႏွင့္ NCA လက္မွတ္ထုိး  တုိင္းရင္းသား လက္နက္ကုိင္အ ဖြဲ႕ ၁၀ ဖြဲ႕မွ ကုိယ္စားလွယ္မ်ား သည္ မတ္လ ၉ရက္တြင္ ထုိင္းႏုိင္ငံခ်င္းမုိင္ၿမိဳ႕၌   ေတြ႕ဆုံေဆြးေႏြး မည္ျဖစ္ေၾကာင္း...

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တစ္ႏုိင္ငံလုံး ပစ္ခတ္တိုက္ခုိက္မႈ ရပ္စဲေရးဆိုင္ရာသေဘာတူစာခ်ဳ ပ္ ( NCA ) မွာ လက္မွတ္ထိုးဖို႕ က်န္ရိွေနတဲ့ တိုင္းရင္းသားလက္နက္ကိုင္အဖြဲ႕ေတြနဲ႕ ေဆြးေႏြးဖို႕  စစ္ေရးဆိုင္ရာ လႈပ္ရွားေတြကိုရပ္ဆိုင္းေပးမယ္လို႕ တပ္မေတာ္ကာကြယ္ေရးဦးစီးခ်ဳပ္ရုံးက ထုတ္ျပန္လုိက္ပါတယ္။

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ၿငိမ္းခ်မ္းေရးျဖစ္စဥ္ မပ်က္ေစရန္ စားပြဲဝိုင္းေဆြးေႏြးပြဲ မ်ား မရပ္ဆုိင္းေရး ဝိုင္းဝန္းႀကိဳး ပမ္းေပးရန္ ခ်င္းအမိ်ဳးသားတပ္ဦး (CNF) ဒုဥကၠ႒ ေဒါက္တာဆလုိင္း လ်န္မႈန္းဆာေခါင္းက အစိုးရ၊ တပ္မေတာ္ႏွင့္ တုိင္းရင္းသား လက္နက္ကိုင္...

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