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The Centre for Development and Ethnic Studies (CDES) is an independent think tank and study centre founded in 2012 to generate ideas on democracy, human rights and federalism as an effective vehicle for “Peace and...

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As human beings, we have to do the right thing and we have to try to contribute something to our humanity, serve other people as much as we can.

Dr. Lian H. Sakhong

Briefing Papers

Briefing on the 12th round of UPDJC Meeting in Naypyitaw

Summary of the UPDJC Meeting and some outcomes·         The Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC) has held its 12th round of meeting on October 30 and 31, 2017 at the office of National Reconciliation and Peace Centre (NRPC) in Naypyidaw. The representatives from the Government, NCA signatory EAOs, and political parties have attended the meeting. ·     Holding the JICM Meeting: As proposed by NCA Signatory EAOs, the meeting duly discussed the need to convene the meeting of the Joint Implementation Coordination Meeting (JICM) following...

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နိုင္ငံေရးေဆြးေႏြးမွုဆိုင္ရာမူေဘာင္အား အခါအားေလ်ာ္စြာ ျပင္ဆင္၍ ပိုမိုေကာင္းမြန္သည့္ နိုင္ငံေရးေဆြးေႏြးပြဲ ျဖစ္ေအာင္ ႀကိဳးစားေနသည္ဟု ၿငိမ္းခ်မ္းေရးလုပ္ငန္းစဥ္ ဦးေဆာင္အဖြဲ႕(Peace Process Steering Team- PPST) အဖြဲ႕ဝင္ႏွင့္ ပအိုဝ္းအမ်ိဳးသားလြတ္ေျမာက္ေရးအဖြဲ႕ခ်ဳပ္(PNLO) ဦးေဆာင္နာယက ဗိုလ္မွူးႀကီး ခြန္ဥကၠာ က ေျပာဆိုသည္။

တိုင္းရင္းသားလူမ်ိဳးေရးရာ ဖြံ့ၿဖိဳးေရးႏွင့္...

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လုပ္ငန္းစဥ္မ်ား လြဲေခ်ာ္ေနသည့္အတြက္ ၿငိမ္းခ်မ္းေရးခရီးစဥ္မ်ား တစ္ဝက္မက်ိဳးေသးေၾကာင္း ပအိုဝ္းအမ်ိဳး သားလြတ္ေျမာက္ေရးအဖြဲ႔ခ်ဳပ္ ဦးေဆာင္နာယက ဗိုလ္မွဴးႀကီး ခြန္ဥကၠာက ေျပာၾကားလိုက္သည္။

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